There’s no shortage of challenges in running a pharmacy—increased competition, new regulations, piles of paperwork and shrinking margins, to name a few. But you know that – as an independent pharmacist you haven’t built your business up without staring down an obstacle or two. And McKesson wants to help you keep growing and serving your patients like no other pharmacy can. That’s why we listen to your business goals and work with you to select a technology system that offers the right tools and services that not only help you survive, but thrive.

Our systems offer a range of optional modules and integrated products such as point of sale,  mobile delivery, Apple iPad Electronic Signature Capture, IVR, Mobile Apps and Online Refill, Long-Term Care, and Reporting. Learn more about which options suit your business model best by talking to one of our experienced sales executives.

mobile_pos_144Free Mobile Delivery App

Accept payment and capture all patient signatures wherever you are with our iPad, iPhone and Apple Mini mobile delivery solution. FSA card approved, with partial payment capabilities, this nifty device ensures you get paid faster and are fully protected against audits. The free app is part of the mobile delivery package, which is available for a low monthly fee.

drive-thru_pos_144Free Drive Thru App

With one flip of the switch, our mobile delivery app becomes your wireless electronic signature device for all your drive thru needs. No need to pay more for this service, we offer unlimited use of our mobile delivery and drive thru app at each site. The free app is part of the mobile delivery package, which is available for a low monthly fee.


Inbound and outbound IVR reminds patients to pick up their medication and stay compliant. Our IVR system allows patients to request a fill at any location, automatically manages the internal transfer and will call or text your patient to let them know their prescription is ready

mobile-comm_pos_144Mobile Communication

Make it convenient for your patients to adhere to their medication regimen. Our mobile app and smartphone capabilities offer patients refill reminders and let them submit refills on the go. We even have store locators so your patients can find the location nearest them.

online_pos_144Online Refill

Want to add online refill to your website? Need help even building a website? We offer a full range of web services to provide the right online support to your business for your patients

long-term-care_pos_144Long-Term Care

Expand your offerings to service long term care facilities. Our Pharmaserv integrated LTC module offers eMARS, compliance packaging and tracking to help make management of your LTC partnership simple and efficient.


Need to know how your business is performing or how you can offer more care to your patients? We offer a wide array of reporting services to ensure you achieve better results